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I Language

How to Succeed in a Changing World

Who among us doesn’t want to succeed in our changing world? We all want to thrive at work and in interpersonal relationships. We strive to understand our world’s evolving behavioral codes and to feel comfortable in their presence.

How to Succeed in a Changing World will help you decode these enigmas by explaining the “I language” that is the basis of success, and demonstrating how to use it.

“I language” is developed in two stages:
1. Research: The Thinking Vector Questionnaire allows you to identify your thinking paradigm. Is your thinking inwardly oriented, which leads you to speak “I language”? Or, being outwardly oriented, do you speak “We language”?
2. Psychoanalysis: This section presents the thirty-four rules of “I language”. Each one is explored in a case study featuring a protagonist who speaks “We language” and finds himself in the midst of “I language” speakers. In every example, the protagonist must master a new rule of “I language” in order to succeed.

This publication summarizes the primary concepts of The Cultural Code, the author’s five-volume series published by Ben-Gurion University.

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