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Israel on the Couch

The Psychology of the Peace Process

State University of New York Press, 2003

By applying a clinical psychologist’s insight into the Israeli-Arab conflict, Ofer Grosbard lays the foundation for a new theory and practice that espouses the use of clinical tools to promote relations between countries, religions, political parties, cultures, and different identities.

“Your ideas about pursuing peace in the Middle East are interesting. I salute you for devoting your time, talents, and energy to help bring peace to the region.” –  Bill Clinton

I found your book to be very interesting. It offers important insights into the issues facing Israeli society following the peace process. The psychological analysis you offer leads to several conclusions which could encourage Israeli public opinion to support the peace process, despite possible difficulties. Shimon Peres

“His book is a welcome contribution, inviting us to think ‘outside the box,’ in new categories, giving us hope of some positive outcome (however far off it might be) rather than simply reinforcing us in our stereotypes and opinions.” — Manna

“In this refreshingly provocative work, Ofer Grosbard, a scholar of great renown in his country, has contributed to the pursuit of Arab-Israeli peace in a unique way: by marrying the fields of psychoanalysis and politics. Through a study of statements, emotions, and perceptions, he helps his ‘patients’—Israelis and Arabs—understand how their words and deeds not only affect the perceptions of the ‘other side,’ but also how they reveal their own true goals and unspoken intentions. With so many politicians, diplomats, and political scientists trying, without much success, to make the Middle East more hospitable to peacemaking, it may be time to let the psychoanalysts have a chance.” — Robert Satloff, Executive Director, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

“An extraordinary, probing, and arresting analysis of root causes of the enduring Arab-Israeli stalemate, seen through the perspective of clinical psychology. Ofer Grosbard’s book provides many powerful insights for policy makers, negotiators, and all would-be peacemakers, if only they can, or will, sten.” — Samuel W. Lewis, former U. S. Ambassador to Israel and former President, U. S. Institute of Peace

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Israel on the Couch (in German as Israel auf der Couch)

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