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License for Insanity

Yaron Golan, 1994

From the book:

I returned to my body and enjoyed Miriam who felt the mysteries of my sex organ and its delicate sensitivities with me. She spoke about me not feeling that I’m here and exist without external approval. I thought about the baby that is guided towards a survival relationship with its environment from birth. Smiling at them, crying, making eye contact, copying those around it incessantly, saying hello to them with a bright smile etc., etc. That’s how I am too, I explained to her. My entire being is directed towards broadcasting on the frequency of whoever wants to receive. I stretch my neck in your direction to be in greater contact with you. I suddenly realized why I have a slight crick in my neck. I religiously uphold everything you imposed on me four years ago, to say whatever comes into my mind unashamed, like a puppy with no
personality. She said that not everyone likes puppies. I recalled that I was good at revision at school and Miriam, I think, laughed. Then in the middle of this terrible laughter I told her she was humiliating herself by laughing with me and she wants to butter up to me, and in general it seems to me that she’s unhappy lately and needs me. You feel like a puppy or you see whoever treats you like a human being as a puppy, she said. Later, when she switched off the fan at my request, she dropped in my esteem.

License for Insanity is the story of an adolescent girl undergoing psychoanalysis in an adolescent ward conducted by psychoanalytic approach. The adolescents in his ward are hospitalized because of different emotional problems and all undergoing psychoanalysis. The novel focuses on their internal world, their lives in the ward and their mutual relations.

This is the first novel of the psychologist Ofer Grosbard.

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