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Quranet: a Guide for Education

with illustrative stories and psychological explanations

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, 2008

  • Quranet transforms the Quran into a modern and useful educational tool for parents and teachers, and thereby renders the beneficial power of the Quran widely accessible.
  • Quranet interweaves the Quran, in unprecedented fashion, with modern educational approaches, thereby helping the Islamic world and the West to better understand each other.
  • Quranet celebrates and reveals the beauty of the Quran and its respect for human dignity. Thus, it both refutes various prejudices against Islam and provides  a resounding response to warped exploitation of the Quran for the justification of terror.

Quranet was chosen to represent Israel at the President’s Conference.

How Quranet Began:

Last year a group of fifteen Bedouin students studying for graduate degrees in educational counseling attended a course on Developmental Psychology given by our lecturer, Dr. Ofer Grosbard.

One day I went up to him and said: “May I tell you the truth? What you are teaching us is not going to be of help to us.”

“Why do you say that?” Ofer asked.

I said that when I become an educational counselor, a parent may come to me one day and say, “A demon has entered into my child” or some similar statement from the same cultural background. “Do you think that what you have taught us here will be of any use to me then?”

“Then what would be helpful to you?” Ofer asked.

I replied with one word: “The Quran.”

He asked me to explain. I said that, in the appropriate context, quotation of a verse from the Quran has enormous impact on Muslims.

Ofer brought a copy of the Quran to our next lesson. He divided the chapters among us and asked us to locate the educational-therapeutic verses. It transpired that there are many of these in the Quran. The verses exhort individuals to take responsibility, learn the truth, respect others etc. Ofer asked us to compose a brief story taken from everyday life for each verse to illustrate how a parent or teacher can utilize the verse to convey a message to the child. Together we collected more than three hundred stories, and Ofer added to each a simple and brief educational-psychological explanation.

With an introduction by three distinguished sheikhs, it was recently published in book form titled: “The Quran: A Guide for Education” by Ben-Gurion University Publishing House.

That was how Quranet came into being.

Bushra Mazarib – the student who set the project in motion.

Quranet porject crossed 1000000 viewers

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